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The Smartest Move You Will Ever Make!

Your Premier Clearwater Movers since 1979

Whether you are new to Clearwater or are moving within Clearwater we want to welcome you! We have been moving fine folks in the Clearwater, Florida area for over 30 years. Small Moving comes highly recommended with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Your complete moving satisfaction is our number one priority. From the moment that you first call Drake, our moving consultant, you will know you are in good hands. This only continues as two polite, experienced professionals arrive at your door on move today to take away your stress. Our movers are full time employees only and covered by workers compensation insurance. You will truly feel the family owned touch when you move with Small Moving Inc.

Clearwater Mover – Family Owned For 30+ Years

Please remember when selecting your Clearwater mover that you truly get what you pay for. If you want a Clearwater mover that shows up late and breaks your furniture then please do not call us. If you want to be treated with repect with no surprises then call Small Moving Inc. You would not believe how many stories we hear about movers not showing up on move day. Nor how many times the actual moving price was double what was quoted and a customers furniture was held hostage. Please use good sense when selecting a mover. If a price is too good to be true it is! Small Moving does absolutely all it can to keep its prices down. If we find that we can not accomadate you we will do our best to refer you to another trusted mover. We really do care about you as a consumer and do not want you to become another horrible moving story. 

When its time to pick a mover please be sure to ask these questions.

  • Are you dependable? – Cheap moving companies love to not show on move day.

  • What happens if your movers break my tv? – Proper insurance is key!

  • If your movers get hurt during my move what happens? – If your moving company does not have insurance you could be responsible.

  • Does my price include EVERYTHING? Low rates are nice until the hidden fees come out.

  • Are you equipped with the proper dollies and pads, etc to move me?

  • When do you start my hourly rate? – Make sure your time is started when the movers arrive on your property, not when they leave their warehouse.

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