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The Smartest Move You Will Ever Make!

Our Moving Checklist Was Created To Help You Rest Assured That You Have Selected The Highest Quality Mover.

Other Moving Companies


  • Hidden Fees, deceivingly low moving quotes.

  • Labor pool or temporary labor workforce.

  • The customer is responsible if a worker gets hurt in their home.

  • Damages are paid at $0.60 per pound. Your flat screen is now worth $50.00

  • May show up with a pickup truck and a trailer.

  • Minimum charges! Some movers have a 3 hour minimum or round your clock to the next hour when done.

  • Overbooking and selecting the highest paying job and ignoring the rest.

Small Moving Inc.


  • Simple, up front pricing.
    Honest moving cost estimates.

  • Full time and well paid, experienced moving professionals.

  • Our workforce is covered by workers compensation. You are at no fault.

  • Damages are very rare, if one occurs we pay current market value for your items not by the pound.

  • We only use 26 foot straight box trucks that are fully equiped and built for us for moving.

  • We only have a 1 hour minimum and then break our time down into the 15 minute increments to be fair with you.

  • We simply never overbook. We have a set workforce and a set number of trucks and we have never missed a move in 30+ years.

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