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The Smartest Move You Will Ever Make!

Your Local Residential Mover. Family Owned for 3 Generations! Serving Tampa, Orlando, and All of Florida.

For many moving is a stressful task. Let the experts at Small Moving Inc. take away that stress. We have competed over 200,000 residential moves! From the first time that you call us to the moment that your move is complete you will be at peace with Small Moving Inc. We have served the entire state of Florida for the last 30+ years. Most of our moves occur in Tampa, Orando, St.Pete, Largo, Clearwater, and Seminole. We will gladly service any city in Florida. Please take a look at all of our services by clicking the tabs above and to your right. You will find apartment movers, storage unit movers, and much more!

What Seperates Us As a Residential Mover?

It is popular to believe that local residential movers are a dime a dozen. As a consumer you are always trying to save money, dont let this be one of those times. You will get what you pay for! When consumers shop for the lowest hourly rate they end up with the lowest quaility mover.
When moving be sure to ask your mover a few important questions.

  • Are your movers full time employees or are they from the labor pool?
  • How would I submit a claim if something gets damaged?
  • What happens if one of your men get hurt on my property?
  • What will you use to move me? Box truck, trailer, rental truck?
  • Do you bring dollies, ropes, moving pads?
  • When do you start my hourly rate?

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